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Sunday, 20 January 2013

My new make up area

For the last couple of months my make up has been kept in my living room in my make up case and glossy boxes hidden down the side of the couch, the reason for this? because there was just too much and I had no idea where to keep it. The thought of trying to somehow squeeze everything into my teeny tiny dressing table was enough to bring me to tears but my husband announced that he was sick of seeing my make up and it was time to go.
It took me a good few hours but after alot of blood, sweat and tears all my make up now has a home.

What do you think?

I picked this dressing table up for £20 at a local charity shop and fell in love with it straight away, its not perfect but I have some plans to refurbish it, the stool was from Ebay and cost me about £3.20 and again I'm going to get some nice fabric and making this look a little bit gorgeous too. I know they are not to every ones taste but I love them.

The two drawers are pretty small so I used to Glossyboxes in each and put everyday products that I always reach for in each, we have lipsticks, mascaras (these are all my mascaras that are under 3 months old, I may have a problem), Face products and tools.

The eyelash curlers are my new Mister Mascara ones, I absolutely adore them and they are by far the best curlers I have ever tried, I will be doing a review on them shortly.

On top I keep my hair spray and dry shampoo, Mac brush cleaner and Fix + , my perfumes and a few other bits and pieces. There are some brushes that I very rarely reach for, my mirror and a jewellery holder.

I then just keep my big box underneath my table because there is no way on this earth that this was ever going to fit but I have had a big sort out and I think it looks a lot better since I did this post  on my everyday make up box.

If you spot anything here that you would like a review on just comment below. If you have done any posts on your make up area put a link below and I'll take a look, I love nosing around other peoples storage.


  1. Your make up area looks fantastic, the mirrow is stunning

  2. The glossyboxes are so good for storage. My makeup currently lives in acrylic drawers i picked up in the stationary area in homebase, and haircare/skincare in various glossybox boxes. I wish i had a drawer to fit them all in though so I could hide it all away so it looked a bit more minimal!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. Hiya, and wow! that's more than I have and I thought I was bad ;) in a good way though :P

    I love your new dressing table, it's the sort of thing I would go for. I did notice a product in your box - the Witch Anti-Blemish Tinted Moisturiser - if you've done a review on it, please send me the link, if not, can you please tell me how effective it is? I do get severe breakouts sometimes and would like to know if this would help. Also, where can I buy it?

    Thanks :)


    P.S. I do love your mirror and jewellery stand as well ;)