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Monday, 18 February 2013

L'oreal CC Cream and Giveaway

I'm not going to be doing a full review on this product, purely because at the moment I'm not wearing it on a daily basis so I feel that it would be unfair to give a full review on something I haven't had the chance to test properly. I will however be giving my initial opinion on the product.

As you all will know BB creams have become a huge thing recently with so many brands bringing out their own take on the 'miracle' product. I have to admit I was suckered in and purchased quite a few different BB creams, none of them really lived up to their claims and have now ended up in the cupboard of which we do not speak.

Well to stir things up a bit we now have CC Cream or Colour Control Cream. L'oreal have brought out a CC cream as part of their Nude Magique range, there are 3 options to choose from, Anti-Fatique, Anti-Redness and Anti-Dullness. I opted for Anti-Fatgue, I gathered that they would all do basically the same thing but Anti-Fatigue sounded pretty good to me.

The product itself is in the same style packaging as their BB cream and it still has the smart pigment capsules. Here is what L'oreal has to say about their product:

New Nude Magique Anti-Fatigue CC Cream works with your natural tone to help wake up tired looking skin. Smart Pigment Capsules in a feather-light apricot hydrator transform into foundation on contact with the skin. Weightless bare sensation. A perfect nude look with buildable, lightweight coverage. See the magic for yourself! 

Now I was really excited to try this product, and reading what they have to say about it, who wouldn't? Anything that helps wake up my skin  is ok in my book.

The first thing I noticed after putting a little on the back of my hand is that it was incredibly dark for my rather pale and pasty skin. 

After I started to rub it in a little I did get a little more worried about what this was going to look like on my face.

Now that is frighteningly orange! However after blending it out thoroughly the orange did fade and it did leave a rather nice glow to my hand and wasn't orange at all.

I did use it on my face and I have to admit it did leave my skin looking surprisingly healthy with a nice glow, the coverage wasn't too bad. I don't have awful skin but I do need foundation to feel comfortable going out but this was fine for me. If you have acne or scarring then this probably wont be enough coverage for you. There was a few areas on my face that I know I definitely like a little more coverage. 
This being said, the CC cream is definitely too dark for me, in summer when I have a bit of a tan I think this would be perfect when I don't want a heavy foundation but would still like a little bit of coverage but during the winter months I think I would just look nuts if I went out in this.

When summer does come round and I get to use this on a daily basis I will be giving it a full review but for now I will just say I'm on the fence!

I do have one of these CC creams to giveaway (brand new of course) in the Anti-Fatigue formula, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below letting me know which BB creams if any you have used and your thoughts on it or your thought on BB creams in general if you haven't had the chance to try one. Easy as that!

The winner will be chosen at random a month from today!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I used the L'oreal BB cream and I really liked the finish it gave BUT it didn't covered my blemishes so when I ran out of it, never purchased again :(xxx