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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

NYX Give A Little Love - Soft Matt Lip Creams

I've always been a fan of matt lip products and love my Kate Moss by Rimmel lipsticks but I was incredibly intrigued when I spotted this little set on the NYX website. It retails for £12 and can be purchased here from their website. They retail for £5 each so its a little cheaper buying this set than individuals. 

When I saw the colours in person I thought that there was only 1 which I would be able to pull off which was Tokyo, a pale pink colour. The other two were Antwerp which is a warm coral pink colour and Addis Ababa which is a beautiful bright pink colour. 

Corals never look good against my skin and always wash me out and make me look quite ill and I never feel overly confident in wearing bright lip colours, however all 3 of these colours look amazing on. I can say that I will happily wear all 3 and so far since I purchased them I have.

I was incredibly surprised at just how long these lasted on my lips. I put on Antwerp at 12pm, did an hour long drive to Huddersfield, watched a whole football match (I drank 2 drinks and also had something to eat), did another hour long drive back, went out for some tea and it was still on my lips when I got home. I didn't reapply once and I didn't end up with that awful ring around the outside of my lips that I get with some lip products. That is quite possibly one of the most unattractive things ever! It just stayed on perfectly. I was also very very rough that day after having one too many bottles of wine at my mums house so I looked like crap that morning but as soon as I put this on it instantly brightened up my face and made me look alot healthier. The colours are near enough exactly as you would expect looking at the tubes.

They also didn't dry out my lips which I was expecting, my lips are a bit dry anyway at the moment so I did expect my lips to feel quite dry but they didn't - bonus!

I will definitely be purchasing some more of these in the other colours they offer. I think they are fantastic value for money and the quality and colours are amazing. I definitely recommend them.

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  1. Very pretty shades! :D Following you now, would you like to have a look at my blog? :Dxx