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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Revlon Colourstay Foundation Review

Ok, so I'm a little late to this party. I know people have raved about this foundation for ages and I've watched loads of reviews and tutorials on Youtube and read loads of reviews on blogs but I just never really fancied giving it a go. Mainly because I've never been the biggest fan of Revlon make up, well apart from their nail polishes which I love.

I've been hoping it would go on offer for a while cause the thought of paying the full £12.49 for something that I more than likely would hate really irritates me but it seems it just never goes on offer so I just had to take the plunge and go for it. 

I purchased the shade buff which seemed pretty close to my skin colour.

I'm going to start of with saying that as soon as I took the lid off I was gutted, its not a pump you have to pour the foundation out. I hate that so much, I always end up pouring too much out and wasting loads of product. Its quite runny so does come out quite quickly so as soon as I opened it I was a bit put off. 

I have no idea why I never picked up on this when watching the videos, but I'm always more focused on looking at their skin before and after. 

So I poured some out (too much) onto my hand and used the Real Techniques stipple brush to start applying it to my face. I had heard that it dried fairly quickly so you are best to do one section of your face at a time so after the first section was done I realised that using a brush to apply wasn't the best so I moved on to using my fingers.  

By the time I had done my face I have to say I was completely in love. Its the best foundation I have ever used and blows my Lancome and YSL out of the water.

 I got the formula for combination/oily skin as I have a terrible time with shine on my t-zone after about an hour of wearing foundation. I am currently up to 10 hours with this foundation and there is no shine to my skin whatsoever and thats with no powder! It still looks just as flawless as it did when I put it on this morning. 

I'm genuinely over the moon with this product. I am currently suffering with some horrible spots and rashy nastiness on my chin from using a new product range and have been finding it really difficult to disguise even with concealer. This covered it beautifully. I've been so conscious about my chin because by the end of my work day its all showing back through and I look like I've got really bad acne. Not with this baby. It leaves my skin with a perfect matt finish without looking cakey or heavy.

 I really can't say enough about it, I will definitely be repurchasing it and my higher end foundations will have to take a back seat. I don't know how Revlon have pulled this off because it truly is an amazing foundation and I totally get all the hype about it now. I think I'll definitely be giving more Revlon products a try in the future, especially I have heard people raving about them.

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