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Monday, 5 November 2012

John Frieda Full Repair Review

Before I start I would just like to make you aware that these product were sent to me to trial, but my opinions are completely honest.

I was sent the John Frieda Full Repair Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner to try out, I'll be honest and say I wasn't really expecting much as I find most products don't work for me and tend to stick to products I know I love. I also received 3 of each in mini form to give out to friends/family to try out.

I have given the three of each to my work colleagues, each with different hair types. Unfortunately one of my colleagues was off work since I gave her the products so I have been unable to get an after picture for her. Here are the two before pictures that I have:

Colleague A has fine hair but lots of it, her main issue that she finds with shampoos and conditioners is that they often leave a film on her hair. She currently uses Tigi and is quite loyal to the brand and generally doesn't branch out to any other products.

Colleague B has very thick hair that can be quite course and unmanageable, she uses serum to help tame her hair and smooth it out whilst blow drying her hair. She is currently using Herbal essences.

Here are the after shots

Colleague A said her hair was a lot softer and shinier than usual and that the products didn't leave that horrible film that she normally gets with other shampoos and conditioners. She said she will continue to use the sample sizes and if her hair still feels the same after getting through the whole tube she would definitely consider repurchasing the product. The only negative that she initially had was that she usually likes a shampoo or conditioner to have quite a strong smell that lingers throughout the day, she felt this didn't have that strong scent she often likes, however she did mention throughout the day that she did get occasional wafts of smell that was quite pleasant.

Colleague B was extremely happy with the results, she didn't use any serum and said after blow drying her hair was incredibly soft and very shiny compared to normal. She has already gone out and purchased the full size for her and her daughter as she really did enjoy using them and liked the condition of her hair afterwards.

I will be doing my review on this product shortly. I have used I don't have my before picture to hand at the moment but it will be put up shortly. I will say I am so impressed with this product and its currently my favourite. I can't wait to share my own opinions on this product and show you the before and after shots which I think show just how good this product is.

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