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Friday, 23 November 2012

Nivea Tinted Moisturiser Review

My skin has been really awful over the last couple of months. Rather than caking my face in heavy foundation I decided to give tinted moisturisers a go. I have a small sample tube of a Clinique moisturiser that I quite liked but after researching and reading reviews I decided I wanted to try the Laura Mercier one. It costs £33 from John Lewis so I don't want to order it online I would prefer to go into a store first so until I can get down I picked up a Nivea one for a bargain price of £2 from Asda.

Here is what Nivea say about the product.

Enriched with Light Reflecting Pigments and Vitamin E, it provides the skin with essential intensive moisture and enhances your natural skin tone all day long. With UVA/UVB filters, it also helps to protect from environmental influences that result in premature skin ageing.

 You get a whopping 50ml of product in the tube and the usual price is £3.65 at Superdrug but its currently at £3.00

I find that this gives a much better coverage than other tinted moisturisers I have tried some of which were much more expensive than this. The colour is perfect for my skin but from what I can see it does only come in one shade which is natural. I don't think this would work for extremely pale skin I would say its just about right on me at the moment and I do have a bit of colour to my face. 

It blends into your skin well and does help even out your skin tone, I've had a bit of trouble with redness on my nose but I haven't needed to use concealer after using this product which is a mahoosive bonus! I also found that it did a really good job of disguising the pores on my nose and cheeks which some of my foundations just seem to highlight which is fab for me as I'm so conscious about them. With it being a tinted moisturiser it obviously isn't going to cover any major blemishes so you will need some concealer but I do with my foundation anyway so its no more time consuming than usual for me.

I don't need a powder over this, however my skin is quite dry at the moment but it is usually quite oily so I will have to see how it goes when my faces goes back to its usual oil slick self.

It has a slight fragrance to it, it isn't overpowering or particularly unpleasant but it does fade after a while.

 It gives a really nice dewy finish but it doesn't look greasy or oily in any way.

Overall I'm really happy with this product and will be picking up a few back ups whilst they are on half price at the moment. I'm also going to be holding off on the Laura Mercier one for a while, I'm perfectly happy with what this does for my skin so at the moment I can't really justify spending £33 on it.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who doesn't want to use foundation but still wants some coverage. I do actually prefer the coverage on this to my Garnier BB cream. 

Have you tried this or the Laura Mercier moisturiser? I'd be really interested to know your opinions.

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  1. I haven't ever tried Laura Mercier products, have you tried any of them, what did you think?