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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Quick review of Natural Collection mascaras

I recently repurchased some of the Natural Collection mascaras from Boots. They are a Boots own brand product and are super cheap. Some of the products in the range aren't that great but these mascaras are fab, and for £1.99 each you can't go wrong.

Firstly I'll apologize for the really crappy photos. My camera is playing up at the moment but I wanted to get this post up.

Here are my naked lashes. I wanted to show how the mascara works so I didn't curl them before I just went straight in with the mascara.

This is the Natural Collection Lashlength Mascara in black. It definitely lengthens and separates my lashes and much better than some of the more expensive ones I own. 

This is the Natural Collection Lash Build mascara. This again lengthens and separates my lashes but also adds some volume too. 

Have you ever tried the Natural Collection mascaras? I used to be a bit of a mascara snob and only purchased high end mascaras but not too long ago decided to try out high street brands and I'm so glad I did because I've found some fantastic mascaras 10 times cheaper and just as good as others that I've tried.

Whats your favourite high street mascara?

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